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Frequently Asked Questions

Ace Plumbing is a Middletown, NJ-based plumbing company that has been providing quality service to our community for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our honesty, loyalty, and years of experience in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I do repairs?

Yes we do repairs, the majority of our work is doing repairs and troubleshooting.

If I have a clog in my drain, can I use drain cleaner down the sink?

In some cases this will work, in other cases the pipes are corroded and using a pour in drain cleaner can do more damage and cause leaks.

How to reset a disposal? Is this something I can do?

Turn the switch on/off on the bottom. If this does not work, push the reset button to re-energize the motor. If this does not resolve the problem, we are more than happy to come take care of it for you. Feel free to give us a call.

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